Brain_IAC 2.0

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Create DateOctober 27, 2016

Brain_IAC 2.0 is a software that can read brain waves generated by Mindset headset provided by NeuroSky. It generates three different charts of the wave values that was captured by Mindset. The first one is the Raw Waves, which indicates all brain activity. The second and the third are filtered values from the Raw Waves that provides information about the state of the mind, the first one is the Attention Waves and the latter is the Meditation Waves.

The capture will run based on the period of time the user have established. At the end of this period, the software will generate a .csv file with all the data that was shown by the charts.

The Brain_IAC was used as the main tool of the project Feasibility analysis of using brain attention signal as reasoning level evaluation metrics and learning, which had as main goal analyze the Attention Waves of different people as they were reading a text in English.

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