Transductive learning as analternative to translation initiation site identification

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PINTO, C. L. N. ; NOBRE, Cristiane Neri ; ZÁRATE, L. E. . Transductive learning as analternative to translation initiation site identification. BMC Bioinformatics, v. 18, p. 1-15, 2017.


“The correct protein coding region identification is an important and latent problem in the molecular biology field. This problem becomes a challenge due to the lack of deep knowledge about the biological systems and unfamiliarity of conservative characteristics in the messenger RNA (mRNA). Therefore, it is fundamental to research for computational methods aiming to help the patterns discovery for identification of the Translation Initiation Sites (TIS). In the field of Bioinformatics, machine learning methods have been widely applied based on the inductive inference, as Inductive Support Vector Machine (ISVM). On the other hand, not so much attention has been given to transductive inference-based machine learning methods such as Transductive Support Vector Machine (TSVM). The transductive inference performs well for problems in which the amount of unlabeled sequences is considerably greater than the labeled ones. Similarly, the problem of predicting the TIS may take advantage of transductive methods due to the fact that the amount of new sequences grows rapidly with the progress of Genome Project that allows the study of new organisms. Consequently, this work aims to investigate the transductive learning towards TIS identification and compare the results with those obtained in inductive method.”



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